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Analyse the financial health of a company to improve growth & profi...

Analyse the financial health of a company based on financial statements from the last 3 years, and suggest strategic financial counter measures to improve growth and profitability.

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Conduct complete financial due diligence of a company for investmen...

Conduct complete financial due diligence of the Company - Trusted Health and suggest if they would be a good investment opportunity.

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Conduct a trend analysis to predict the future business trends for ...

Study the recurring trends of a business dealing in fast-moving consumer goods in order to make assessments of financial health and create business projections.

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Market Analysis & Research for Mergers & Acquisitions

Study the financial health of a Company & find 5 companies that can be potential acquisition targets for the company to increase their market share.

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Source the Next Big Start-Up in the Education/Agriculture Industry

Dawn the hat of an impact investment firm, sourcing 150 companies for their Education (or) Agriculture accelerator program in 2017. Compile the list & rate them to select your top 35 in the sector of your choice.

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Evaluate the investment potential & perform required trades of sele...

Analyse the financial health of 5 publicly traded company stocks. Invest and practice the art of stock trades based on the performance of your invested stocks during the course of this Menternship.

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Analyse market projections to come up with financial strategies for...

Propose a sound financial strategy for Vishal Peripherals to expand their market share in the IT retail industry, based on your analysis of the market and the company's potential

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Build a business report in the fields of IoT based security solutio...

Survey the market in 2 niche domains, and create a business report leading the selection of 1 prominent start-up in each domain

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Create a Consumer Finance report to onboard new vendors for a growi...

Understand the consumer finance industry, and develop a vendor on-boarding layout for a fast-growing SME in the IT Retail sector

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