Human Resource
Create a HR/Operations Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics
Help a growing Healthcare Logistics startup solve their problem of service quality through an effective HR/Operations solution
About this Menternship
Tested Healthcare is a healthcare logistics company that is solving last mile operations in the medical diagnostics industry. They offer the service of home-sample collection of blood/urine to be tested at diagnostic labs, thereby increasing customer convenience. The cornerstone of their service delivery is their cadre of phlebotomists who travel more than 1250kms everyday to collect and deliver samples of blood and urine from the homes of patients to diagnostic labs. They have an over 70% repeat-patient booking rate on a day-to-day basis and now aspire to replicate this success by taking their operations to scale.

India's public and private healthcare system employ more than 300 million frontline healthcare workers. The frontline workers are the people who facilitate health services for the people of the country. They are usually not trained medical practitioners like doctors and nurses. Instead, they specialize in mobilising communities, spreading awareness about government's public health services or as in the case of healthcare professionals we will work for in this menternship - collecting samples of blood, urine, etc to facilitate diagnosis. Most frontline workers work with the government or private firms on a part-time basis. While the success of most healthcare initiatives is dependent upon efficiency of frontline workers - a firm faces many challenges in tracking and improving their productivity. 

In this menternship, you will conduct an in-depth analysis of frontline healthcare workers known as phlebotomists and prepare HR policy for tracking and improving their performance. 
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Service quality metrics for healthcare diagnostic personnel 
Operations and service parameters in a hyperlocal business model.

You will apply:
Training needs assessment 

You will create:
HR Policy on measuring and improving service quality of frontline healthcare staff
Expected Output
  1. Research report - Phlebotomists & Ideal Technician Profile
  2. Report on the Hyperlocal Business Model
  3. Report on TestEd Healthcare's model
  4. Proposed HR/Operations model for TestEd Healthcare
  5. Application of the TestEd Healthcare Model
  6. Video of Self
Create a HR/Operations Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics
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