Data Science
Analyse User Behaviour & Optimise the User Workflow Using a Machine Learning Algorithm
Help BlueYonder create a seamless client service experience by optimising the user flows using telemetry and ML algorithm. 
About this Menternship
BlueYonder has built an end-to-end digital supply chain platform for helping companies optimise their supply chain management to achieve maximum efficiency in fulfilling their commitments to customers. BlueYonder is committed to creating a seamless service experience for every client that uses their platform.

An efficiently working UI, especially on a website's homepage, can drive up production adoption and sales conversion. Telemetry analysis is a foundational tool used by data scientists to inform the development team about the efficiently web-page layout.

During this menternship, you will be tasked with analyzing telemetry data of website usage to create optimal user flows for BlueYonder customers.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Telemetry analysis
Machine learning

You will apply:
Website design
Data modeling and evaluation

You will create:
Optimized user workflow through ML models on Python
Web page for end-to-end SCM
Expected Output
  1. Link to the web page created
  2. Source Code
  3. Telemetry data collected and stored
  4. A document/presentation which explains the solution in detail.
  5. Algorithm(s) (in any computing language) which was used to analyse the application telemetry and figure out the various workflow characteristics.
  6. Video of Self
Analyse User Behaviour & Optimise the User Workflow Using a Machine Learning Algorithm
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