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Create a Hiring Strategy for a Leading Product Firm to Scale Their Team

Build a hiring strategy for a leading product firm to scale their team. 

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Analyse the Financial Health of a Company to Improve Growth & Profitability

Analyse the financial health of a company based on financial statements from the last 3 years, and suggest strategic financial counter measure...

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Conduct Complete Financial Due Diligence of a Company for Investment Analysis

Conduct complete financial due diligence of the Company - Trusted Health and suggest if they would be a good investment opportunity

742498079 640

Conduct a Trend Analysis to Predict the Future Business Trends for an FMCG Company

Study the recurring trends of a business dealing in fast-moving consumer goods in order to make assessments of financial health and create bus...

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Analyse User Behaviour & Optimise the User Workflow Using a Machine Learning Algorithm

Based on the characteristics, we need to come up with another set of guided navigation, which can guide the user in case the user misses steps...

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Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Successful Crowdfunding

Create an optimal digital marketing strategy to successfully raise funds on a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo for Riku - The world's firs...

619472185 640

Explore Potential of Premium Motorcycles in Regional Hubs

Find out the market feasibility and create a strategy to promote Triumph Motorcycles in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in Telangana with a budget ...

770887448 640

Build a Comprehensive Plan to Develop Employee Potential and Lower the Attrition Rate of a Company

Study the HR practices in the niche industry of IT retail for a leading computer distributor based out of Hyderabad, and help derive a plan th...

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Use Data Analytics to Study Music Streaming Patterns

Collect various music listeners' data and analyse it to understand their music streaming patterns & recommend songs based on their previou...

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Create a HR/Operations Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics

Help a growing Healthcare Logistics startup solve their problem of service quality through an effective HR/Operations solution.

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Design a Social Media Campaign & 360-Degree Digital Marketing Implementation Strategy for a Product of Your Choosing

Develop the digital marketing front of a branding agency to engage audiences better through a complete 360-degree implementation strategy and ...

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Ensure a Great Launch for the App 'Mapprr' - A Hyper Local Product Discovery Application

3DM is looking to give the app ‘Mapprr’ a boost with a great launch. Mapprr is a hyper local product discovery application to find products, b...

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Develop an Innovative Business Plan

Develop a Business Plan in detail by Analysing Opportunities around you & applying the Design Thinking framework

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Build & Develop a Smart Switch

Using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), build and develop a smart switch that can be controlled by your phone.

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Observe Consumer Behaviour at a Local Point of Sale, and Develop a Marketing Strategy for a Niche Health Beverage

Based on physical observation of consumer behaviour with respect to the cold beverage section in a supermarket - create an analysis report &am...

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Create a Marketing Campaign for an Upcoming Food E-Commerce App

Your challenge is to create a marketing campaign for an upcoming food e-commerce application. 

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Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for a Feature Film with Pre & Post Release Campaigns

Research a feature film's target audience in detail before creating a compelling marketing strategy to ensure increased outreach before & ...

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Market Analysis & Research for Mergers & Acquisitions

Study the financial health of a Company & find 5 companies that can be potential acquisition targets for the company to increase their mar...

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Create a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fleet Management Company to Expand to Other Countries

Create a six month to one year B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management company, IoT Research Labs to expand to other countries.&...

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