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Create a hiring strategy for a leading product firm to scale their ...

Build a hiring strategy for a leading product firm to scale their team. 

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Analyse user behaviour & optimise the user workflow using a machine...

Based on the characteristics, we need to come up with another set of guided navigation, which can guide the user in case the user misses steps in a workflow on a consistent manner

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Build & Develop a Smart Switch

Using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), build and develop a smart switch that can be controlled by your phone.

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Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Successful Crowdfunding.

Create an optimal digital marketing strategy to successfully raise funds on a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo for a Riku - The world's first Artificial Intelligence based Automatic Rice & Kurry Maker.

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Create a HR Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics

Help a growing Healthcare Logistics startup solve their problem of service quality through an effective HR/Operations solution.

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Conduct complete financial due diligence of a company for investmen...

Conduct complete financial due diligence of the Company - Trusted Health and suggest if they would be a good investment opportunity.

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Develop a Business Development and Sales Strategy for a Digital Mar...

8views is looking for an effective business development strategy to reach out to a more potential client base and build a stronger business.

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Explore Potential of Premium Motorcycles in Regional Hubs

Find out the market feasibility and create a strategy to promote Triumph Motorcycles in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in Telangana with a budget of 18 lakhs for one calendar year. 

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Develop an Innovative Business Plan

Develop a Business Plan in detail by Analysing Opportunities around you & applying the Design Thinking framework

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Create a B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management comp...

Create a six month to one year B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management company, IoT Research Labs to expand to other countries. 

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Counselling Psychology in Practice

Learn & practice the basic concepts of counselling psychology with guidance from The Hyderabad Academy of Psychology.

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Analyse the financial health of a company to improve growth & profi...

Analyse the financial health of a company based on financial statements from the last 3 years, and suggest strategic financial counter measures to improve growth and profitability.

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Ensure a great launch for the app 'Mapprr' - A hyper local product ...

3DM is looking to give the app ‘Mapprr’ a boost with a great launch. Mapprr is a hyper local product discovery application to find products, brands and stores in and around a particular location or at a nearby location.

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Create a Marketing Campaign for an Upcoming Food E-Commerce App

Your challenge is to create a marketing campaign for an upcoming food e-commerce application. 

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Source the Next Big Start-Up in the Education/Agriculture Industry

Dawn the hat of an impact investment firm, sourcing 150 companies for their Education (or) Agriculture accelerator program in 2017. Compile the list & rate them to select your top 35 in the sector of your choice.

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Design a Logo and a Full Page Ad for a Clean Energy Drink

Refresh, a clean energy drink is looking for a very creative logo and full page ad in the newspaper to promote their drink to health conscious customers.

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Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for a Young Patisserie

With immense potential for business through home-delivery of their menu, Velvet Patisserie is looking for an innovative & fool-proof digital marketing plan to increase their home delivery orders.

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Design a Web Tracker to record all http/s requests and cookies from...

Build a proxy recorder, using Java and Socket Programming, that records all of he http/s requests, stores cookies in a text or http archive file (.har) file format.

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Creating Digital Campaign Content for a Fashion Brand

Create 7 days Campaign Creatives for Diwali for a fashion studio “ABC” designs

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Build a Portable Solar Charger

Create a portable solar charger with detailed documentation report of your product including process flow chart, circuit designs, written programs for each module & an integration & testing report. 

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Design a wireless power transfer solution to glow an LED

 Design a wireless power transfer solution to glow an LED using principles of wireless power transfer.  

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Create a Brand Identity and Kit for The Thick Shake Factory

The Thick Shake Factory is planning on opening stand-alone stores (seating 20 each) in select areas of Hyderabad. The Menternship is to create a Brand Identity and Brand Kit  for the stand-alone stores with 2 different mockups for the same.  

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Targeted Strategic Analysis of an Industry

Conduct a  complete strategic analysis outlining key trends & developments for a Major Product/Services Market.

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Design a Creative Landing Page for toter.in

The Menternship given by Waste Ventures India is to design a Creative Landing Page for Toter which must have a theme around waste management & recycling. 

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Create a Google Adwords Campaign for a Prime Real Estate Project

PBEL city, a real estate project in Hyderabad is looking at increasing their walk-ins at the project site using Google Adwords to boost their presence online.

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