Computer Science
Full-Stack Web Development Portfolio
Increase your proficiency in Full-Stack Web Development, through diverse work experiences, each giving you exposure to a different skill-set, technology stack & business objectives. Take up this guided experience, and gain certifications from 3 companies on successful completion.
Certified by
Luvieen Alva
CEO, MentorMind
Benefits of a portfolio

Gain multiple skills

Increasing your skills and expertise in the domain of your choice.

Join the top 10% of profiles

Increasing your chances of being employed by our partner companies.

Certified by multiple companies

Adding immensely to your professional work experience.

A portfolio is a curation of Menternships to be completed in a recommended order, that helps you acquire a desired set of skills in a specific domain of your choice, guiding you to become an expert in that domain.
A single Menternship gives you real-time experience from 1 company (vs) a portfolio gives you real-time experiences from 3-5 different companies giving you the opportunity to gain multiple certifications and the access to employment opportunities.
Yes, you will receive an overall certification on successful certification in all the individual Menternships of a respective portfolio.
No, you need to be certified in all individual Menternships, to avail the overall portfolio certification. You will however, receive all individual Menternship certifications as and when achieved.
  1. You gain multiple skills within a domain, increasing your domain expertise.
  2. You will be a part of the top 10% of profiles in the domain you choose, increasing your opportunity to be employed by our partner companies.
  3. You will receive certifications from multiple companies, adding immensely to your professional work experience.