About Us

Inspired through various diverse academic & professional experiences, it has been the MentorMind team’s long standing mission to improve the practicality of undergraduate education in India & other emerging economies. Hence, was born MentorMind.

With a lot of emerging economies undergoing a severe skill crunch, a focused emphasis on practical professional skills is the need of the hour.

With multiple iterations made to the initial value proposition, MentorMind was built to be the platform it is today over a a period of 15 months of validation from the Indian undergraduate student market.

Our Vision

To create an environment of individuals with increased career purpose & skill through co-designed micro-experiences along with the industry.

Our Mission

To provide holistic, diverse & multi-dimensional virtual work experiences to students with multiple professional aspirations.

What is MentorMind?

MentorMind is an online platform where students & young professionals can access & work on real-time work situations in the form of Menternship. These Menternships are procured in collaboration with organisations from various industrial & functional backgrounds. A Simple user interface coupled with game concepts facilitates an engaging experience.

Why Take Up a Menternship
On MentorMind?

Gain Real-time work experience, online.

Multiple job functions from multiple industries.

Learn from experienced mentors through guide videos & personalised interaction.

Certifications from partner companies, adding to your professional profile.