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Experience Curve =
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Empower your students with our virtual, mentored work experiences to help them build job-ready skills with company certification.
Education builds the foundation & knowledge of a specialization.
Experience helps build job-ready skills & gain corporate certification.
One Menternship. 
Many Possibilities.
A Menternship is a recognised virtual, mentored work experience co-created and certified by corporates, where menterns are guided to produce real work all by themselves under the guidance of industry mentors.
Our Certifying Partners
MentorMind Academic
Partner Program
A one-of-a-kind partnership program with MentorMind to provide your students with a direct access to work experience projects that are certified by corporates. We empower your students to build real skills by working on real-world problems in the domains of their specializations.
How does the partnership benefit your Institute?
Significant growth in network access to corporates.
Produce a batch of skilled students with an enriched learning curve
Increased Average CTC offered in placements
Boost admission enrollments & strengthen the reputation of your college
How does the partnership benefit your Students?
Get company certified work experience on their CVs & demonstrate job-ready skills
Learn practical application of theoretical concepts
Understand industry standards and gain early exposure
Improve interview performance with the confidence of acquired skill
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We promise your contact will be only used to facilitate a call back. We value your time & duly appreciate you reaching out to us.
Insights from the Industry
Over 80% of students in a January 2020 survey of students & academics in India, suggested a preference for experiential methods of learning.
Toward student-centricity
Deloitte Insights Study, 2020
The research indicates that 81% of company respondents believe that better aligning educational curricula with job openings and skills gaps could resolve the skills mismatch their businesses face.
BCG: Fixing the Global Skills Mismatch
Boston Consulting Group Report, January 15, 2020
Less than half of the total graduates in India are employable. In 2021, as many as 45.9% of graduates were employable, a decline from 46.21% in 2020.
India Skills Report (ISR)
Wheebox, 2020-2021
Over 43% of higher education institutes in India find edtech solutions for colleges in India to be generic & lacking in customizability & flexibility to serve the needs of the students & the colleges.
Re-envisioning higher education through digital adoption.
PWC & CII Study, July, 2021
We understand the scale of constraints that academic institutions face
Every college is moving towards a change-making effort in the face of the job market to enhance the learning curve.
However, the hugely aspirational goal of skilling students to be job-ready requires a bandwidth that cannot be fulfilled by singular effort.
Through our program, we offer an opportunity to your students to learn by doing real work projects at corporates & cross the bridge to becoming skilled with experience on their CVs.
Our Academic Partners
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Straight from our Academic Partners
At VJIM, students have been taking up Menternships for a couple of years and we have seen the students get upskilled and improve their critical thinking and report writing skills. Along with upskilling, the menternships have taught perseverance and patience to students while gaining work experience. 
Live hands-on experience and project mode of learning has provided value to students and they became more self reliant and confident in the area of their chosen learning. 
MentorMind has made insightful industrial problems from credible companies accessible to our students. They mobilise and motivate the students to conduct research & analysis, and for management students, that is where MentorMind is doing an excellent job!
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