Data Science
Build a model to predict performance of employees, based on the visualisation and analysis of past data of employee performance
Teach for India's 1500+ strong team is improving the learning outcomes for millions of students in the country. Help TFI utilize cutting-edge HR analytics to increase the impact of their work
About this Menternship

Teach for India is a fellowship program for young professionals who want to solve the education crisis in the country. It is reported that the TFI alumni community is responsible for starting 150+ organisations in the field of social impact.

Teach for India has approximately 900+ fellows who are deployed across 7 cities and are working with 28000 students. Many of these students do not have the reading and numeracy skills required at their grade level. The ability to predict employee performance will enable TFI to implement learning and development measures to empower their fellows to improve the reading levels of their students.

During this menternship, you will use Python to create an HR analytics tool that can help a talent management team to predict employee performance and plan for their growth.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Machine learning models - Binary Classification Problem

You will apply:
Data wrangling 
Data modelling and evaluation
Data Visualization
HR analytics

You will create:
Employee performance prediction model

Expected Output
  1. Research Report on HR Analytics
  2. Code File
  3. Insights / Trends from the Bar charts
  4. Properly commented ipynb Notebook with Plots and Results
  5. The Python script with codes for Analysis and Data Viz.
  6. Video Presentation
  7. Video of Self
Build a model to predict performance of employees, based on the visualisation and analysis of past data of employee performance
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