Digital Marketing
Create a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fleet Management Company to Expand to Other Countries
How do you sell your product to other companies? If you take this menternship, you will find out.
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Submit First Draft in 15 days
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About the Company
IoT Research Labs elevates the quintessential fleet management by adding the latest technology. They believe that the transportation system can benefit hugely by leveraging the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. IoT Research Labs aims to unleash the true power of data to help optimise fleet operations and move towards data-driven business decisions.
the following work techniques
Digital marketing
Marketing budget
Competitor analysis
Market research
SWOT analysis
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Bridging the gap
B2B marketing is the type of marketing that specialises in selling to businesses. Selling to businesses is an entirely different ball game from selling to individuals. The biggest difference is - people hate being 'sold' things. Hence, a lot of the marketing techniques targetting individuals are covert or subtle. Instead of selling a product, companies sell individuals an idea or a value (like Apple's slogan isn't 'We sell best phones!'. It is 'Think Different'). But, when it comes to selling products or services to companies, it pays to be direct and informative. Companies want to know how adopting your solution would affect their bottom line and drive profits. A perfect example of a B2B company is WeWork, a chain of co-working spaces with the straightforward tagline 'find your flexible workspace'.
the following skills
Champion the customer
Digital integration
Marketing strategy
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Expected output
In this menternship, you will create a comprehensive six-month plan to increase the web presence of a fleet management company
the following deliverables
Competitor analysis for a B2B brand
A 6-month marketing plan
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Meet Our Certified Menterns
It was amazing! I learnt so many things like creating engagement on social media platforms. The 1:1 with mentors were super helpful. I learnt how to create Instagram ads, identify goals & do competitor analysis- so many things.
There was a lot of interactive sessions with Mentors. The Menternship I completed gave me a new perspective to how work has to be done. I truly enjoyed working with real figures & actual industry case studies. 
My experience was great as I got a chance to explore subjects like Analytics which are difficult to look for. The Menternship allowed to get subject knowledge and see what goes behind the making and delivering of a product.
My experience was very useful as I learnt so much about Fleet Management & Digital Marketing connected to the real-world scenario. I learnt how to actually work with social media channels like IG & Facebook. 
Create a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fleet Management Company to Expand to Other Countries
How do you sell your product to other companies? If you take this menternship, you will find out.
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