Digital Marketing
Create a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fleet Management Company to Expand to Other Countries
Create a six month to one year B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management company, IoT Research Labs to expand to other countries. 

About this menternship
IoT Research Labs (IoTRL) is driven by a strong focus on meeting total customer satisfaction through avant-garde solutions in a competitive marketplace and simultaneously realize increased financial, operational and institutional efficiency. IoTRL has established trust among its clients and continues to embark on its growth path by providing companies, enterprises big and small, and individuals with excellent cost-effective telematics solutions.

With a multi-skilled workforce and cutting edge Research and Development, IoTRL develops technology and solutions that would keep its customers ahead of their times. With a current focus on Telematics Solutions, IoT Research Labs has helped companies and enterprises recognise vital cost-cutting spaces and manage their fleet better than ever. 

In this Menternship, you need to create a comprehensive B2B digital marketing plan for six months to one year for IoT Research Labs to expand to other countries. 

With a penchant to grow exponentially, we are keen to pursue research in other potential verticals of the IOT segment which are still untrodden and not yet explored.

Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Detailed knowledge with respect to fleet management and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. The ability to understand the market quickly and position successfully
  3. To create a marketing plan for a technologically advanced company, for a wide international market

Expected Output
  1. Market research - Submit a report explaining your analysis of the market.
  2. Competitor Analysis Report detailing the competition spectrum in the market.
  3. Marketing strategy - Submit a detailed report explaining your strategy and the plan for it's execution
  4. Marketing budget - Submit a detailed budget to execute your proposed plan
  5. Video of Self
Create a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a Fleet Management Company to Expand to Other Countries
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