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Analyse user behaviour & optimise the user workflow using a machine...

Based on the characteristics, we need to come up with another set of guided navigation, which can guide the user in case the user misses steps in a workflow on a consistent manner

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Design a Web Tracker to record all http/s requests and cookies from...

Build a proxy recorder, using Java and Socket Programming, that records all of he http/s requests, stores cookies in a text or http archive file (.har) file format.

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Design a Creative Landing Page for toter.in

The Menternship given by Waste Ventures India is to design a Creative Landing Page for Toter which must have a theme around waste management & recycling. 

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Develop an Android App for Indoor navigation

 The Menternship given by STartOOn Labs is to develop an Android App for Indoor Navigation. 

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Check Service Area for VDeliver Using Google Maps

Work on the Google Maps API to create the Service Area Circle for any location and detect whether a particular address falls inside or outside of this circle. 

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Design an Inventory Management and Invoicing Web Application

Design and develop a simple responsive Inventory Management and Invoicing web application including Front-end and Back-end. 

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Create a fully functional web application based on the design speci...

Design a fully functional web application that is responsive on all devices 

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Design and develop the complete UI/UX of a website for a Blockchain...

Put your front-end web development skills to work, as you research, design and develop the User Interface for a blockchain use case of your choice.

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Build a bot that can answer investment related questions.

Develop a bot that can answer investment related questions based on the portfolio that the bot is deployed on.

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Develop an Encryption algorithm that can encrypt and decrypt the da...

If suppose there are two parties A & B. A gets hash of his data and encrypts with a random key and then pushes to a common platform. Now B should be able to decrypt and get hash of the data without seeking the public key of A.

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Design Robotic Process Automation for High Volume Repetitive Tasks

Use Intellibot to extract data from pdf forms and save it in excel, post which you need to use another set of data from excel and populate an online form through automation.

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Design and develop a 2D platformer game with the game design document

Design and develop a 2D platformer game in the form of a highly descriptive design video game document 

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Develop and implement a process which enables conversion of text fr...

Develop and implement a process which enhances a textual image quality with high degree of accuracy.

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