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Build & Develop a Smart Switch

Using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), build and develop a smart switch that can be controlled by your phone.

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Design a wireless power transfer solution to glow an LED

 Design a wireless power transfer solution to glow an LED using principles of wireless power transfer.  

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Build a Portable Solar Charger

Create a portable solar charger with detailed documentation report of your product including process flow chart, circuit designs, written programs ...

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Develop an IOT prototype with Arduino Uno board, ESP8266 module and...

So far, while developing projects, you may have worked on building applications using libraries available online in Arduino forums and github codes...

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Solving a relevant Lifestyle Problem through efficient Product Design.

Design a product solving a lifestyle problem for the average Indian citizen, through engineering & design thinking methodologies.

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Design a Valve System that Controls Flow Rate and Quantity of Fluid

Using Embedded Control Systems and a DC Motor, design a system that automatically controls the flow rate and quantity of the fluid with options to ...

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Design and Manufacture a Rectifier used as a DC power source for ch...

Design and manufacture a battery charger to charge batteries of specifications 12 volts 36 AH using conventional silicon diode, full wave bridge re...

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Design a Smart Waste Management System Using Internet of Things

Design a Smart Waste Management system with integrated route Optimization using Internet of Things.

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Remote control equipment which would interface with a vehicle's ref...

The Mentership given by IOT Research Labs is to remote control equipment which would interface with a vehicle's refrigeration unit.

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Reading of OBD port Data and CAN information

Identify a device which can read maximum OBD port data and CAN information 

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Create a solution to Monitor Fuel Consumption of Generators In indu...

Propose a system to Monitor Fuel Consumption in Real-time using Industrial Internet of Things.

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Integration of sensors with IoT gateways

Integrate sensors with IoT Gateways

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