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Explore Potential of Premium Motorcycles in Regional Hubs

Find out the market feasibility and create a strategy to promote Triumph Motorcycles in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in Telangana with a budget of 18 lakhs for one calendar year. 

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Ensure a great launch for the app 'Mapprr' - A hyper local product ...

3DM is looking to give the app ‘Mapprr’ a boost with a great launch. Mapprr is a hyper local product discovery application to find products, brands and stores in and around a particular location or at a nearby location.

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Observe consumer behaviour at a local point of sale, and develop a ...

Based on physical observation of consumer behaviour with respect to the cold beverage section in a supermarket - create an analysis report & on-ground marketing campaigns for RAW Pressery.

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Create a Marketing Campaign for an Upcoming Food E-Commerce App

Your challenge is to create a marketing campaign for an upcoming food e-commerce application. 

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Create a B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management comp...

Create a six month to one year B2B digital marketing strategy for a fleet management company, IoT Research Labs to expand to other countries. 

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Targeted Strategic Analysis of an Industry

Conduct a  complete strategic analysis outlining key trends & developments for a Major Product/Services Market.

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Build an effective business development program surrounding custome...

Improve the business development and brand strategy of a large IT retail company by outlining a customer loyalty program for the company for it's existing clientele

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Create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport provider

Research the demographic and economic profiles of daily metro travellers, and create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport enterprise

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Create a Marketing Plan for a Premium Home Automation Device - AURA

Create a comprehensive marketing plan for an innovative, technologically advanced home automation device.

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Devise an implementation/development & marketing/sales strategy for...

Come up with a strategy to develop and implement a student-centred conference, and also figure out marketing and sales tactics involving social media and campus outreach.

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Design a case study of an Existing Brand's Visual Identity and Comm...

Do a case study of an existing brand and see how its Visual Identity communicates. 

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Create a pitch bible for a concept film based on a book of your choice

Choose a book that can be adapted into a TV series or movie or web series and create a pitch document for it. 

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