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Villa Marie College for Women - Marketing Project

This is customised project experience in the field of Marketing, to help you complete relevant work & gain experience through the process of research & analysis 

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Nandika Kumar
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45 days


Provided by the Company after Review


Project Certification

About this Menternship

In this Menternship, you will be working on and completing a project in the field of Marketing
You would have received your project outline, along with guidelines in your registered email. This document is the key reference document throughout your project work. 
Once you click on “Start Menternship”, you will receive access to a project dashboard.
On the dashboard you will have guided tasks to complete your project, along with the space to submit your outputs.

You will also have access to a resource hub to access generic resources, as well as an online intercom system to ask and clear your doubts instantly.

It is our objective Vilto provide you with all the assistance and guidance to complete a valuable project experience. All the best!

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Market research
    2. Consumer profiling
    3. Marketing campaigning
    4. Basic data analysis

Expected Output

  1. Final Analysis Report    Pdf
  2. Complete Project Report    Pdf
  3. Company Profile    Pdf
  4. Survey Questionnaire and Analysis    Pdf
  5. Report including your abstract, acknowledgement, introduction & need for study, literature review and your objective    Pdf

Villa Marie College for Women - Marketing Project

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