Data Science
Use Power BI to analyze VC investment patterns in India
 Use Power BI to analyze VC investment patterns in India based a database of startup funding for one decade 
About this Menternship
Axilor Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by passionate entrepreneurs who provide pre-seed and seed funding for 15-20 startups every year. The venture capital firm is committed to provide the startups an entrepreneur-friendly environment that helps them build on their business ideas with the support of mentors and peer community. Their investment portfolio ranges from startups working in the fields of enterprise, consumer, fintech, deep tech, health tech and ed-tech! 

Power BI is an open-source data analytics and visualization tool that can be used by business teams across the world to gain real-time insights into their business. The biggest advantage of models built on Power BI are the data visualizations. With Power BI, you can look beyond standard graphs and charts and explore innovative visualization techniques. Also, with the help of Power BI, we can visualize datasets from various software on the same dashboard. 

Use Power BI to analyze venture capital investment patterns in India

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Advanced Analytics
Power BI

You will apply:
Data wrangling
Data analysis and visualization
Insight generation

You will create:
A Power BI dashboard to visualize startup funding patterns by a VC firm in India
Expected Output
  1. Report on Startup funding ecosystem
  2. PPT - Report on business insights with Power BI visualizations
Use Power BI to analyze VC investment patterns in India
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