Step into the Shoes of a Freelance Writer

Pitch your story idea for an article to the editor of an english publication, and thereafter complete a 2500 word article on the same.

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About this Menternship

In current scenario, with the rise of digital media distribution, plenty of established old-time publications are shutting shop, or scaling down their full-time human resource - thereby leading to the growing need for freelance work in the field of Journalism.

With India's highly diverse and unique culture, the avenues for interesting story-ideas are never-ending.

Through this menternship, we are looking at helping you get your first taste of freelance writing. If you have a love for writing, coupled with impeccable command over the English language, this challenge is the right medium for you to begin exploring the field of freelance journalism and its perks.

Along with the many benefits that Freelance Journalism offers, it entails:

  • Discovering markets, contacting editors and negotiating fees
  • Motivating oneself to produce work as and when needed.
  • Meeting strict submission deadlines.
  • Understanding and paying appropriate tax contributions.
  • Learning to be self employed.
  • Keeping careful records of work that’s been sent to editors, keeping track of who’s been invoiced, who has paid and who needs following up.
  • Financial planning to cover any periods of unemployment
  • Being ready to work at odd timings
  • Maintaining good work-from-home ethic

This menternship was created to help you get your initial taste of all of the above facets.

In this menternship, find a subject/story of your interest & write a 300-word pitch to the editors of related print/online publications. While waiting for approval from an editor, you are to go ahead and write the complete article in a maximum of 2500 words. 

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Building a story idea from the scratch.
    2. Pitching the story idea to editors.
    3. Know how of freelance journalism/ writing.
    4. Basic Market Research & Network building.

Expected Output

  1. 300 word pitch - Initial pitch of story idea to editor.    Pdf
  2. Editor contact list - List of prospective editors of publications for your story idea.    Excel
  3. Final article - In maximum of 2500 words, to be submitted to publication.    Pdf

Step into the Shoes of a Freelance Writer

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