Electronics Engineering

Solving a relevant Lifestyle Problem through efficient Product Design.

Design a product solving a lifestyle problem for the average Indian citizen, through engineering & design thinking methodologies.

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Paid Internship - After completion

About this Menternship

Design Strada is an Engineering consulting company that offers services in the following fields:
1. Industrial Design
2. Engineering Design
3. Reverse Engineering

We employ people who can play, understand, learn, turn an evolve concepts from ideas into products. As we believe in simplicity, we look into the simplest ways and dive deep into the methodologies to evolve the design to meet the product requirements and specifications.
We design customised engineering products based on our clients needs. It can be the
conceptualisation of a completely new idea, leading to the generation of a new product that revolutionises a particular market (or) it can involve enhancements in quality and function of an existing product in the market to adapt to the progressing consumer market.
We are collaborating with MentorMind to offer an opportunity of innovation in engineering design.

In this Menternship, we would like you to research, ideate & prototype on an engineering product that can be used in the daily lives of an average Indian citizen, solving a relevant lifestyle problem.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Design thinking methodology and process.
    2. Human centred design.
    3. 2D/3D prototyping.

Expected Output

  1. Problem analysis report - A brief report on the problem you are trying to solve. Please include valid statistics to back the same.    Pdf
  2. Survey analysis - Document your survey results & analysis in a report of not more than 5 pages.    Pdf
  3. Product presentation - A presentation, explaining your product & how you have solved the problem at hand.    Pdf
  4. Product Prototype Video - Prototype of your product, including sketches, 2D & 3D Models.    Video

Solving a relevant Lifestyle Problem through efficient Product Design.

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