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Reading of OBD port Data and CAN information

Identify a device which can read maximum OBD port data and CAN information 

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About this Menternship

All vehicles manufactured post 2000 have an OBD port from which the vehicle
engine parameters can be read similarly CAN for commercial larger vehicles.

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic. It’s the standardized system that allows external electronics to interface with a car’s computer system. It has become more important as cars have become increasingly computerized, and software has become the key to fixing many problems and unlocking performance.  As the name implies, diagnostics are the primary purpose of OBD. When a car’s sensors decide that something is amiss, they trigger a message known as a “trouble code,” which may manifest as a “check engine” light or other warning on the dashboard. OBD scanners can check these trouble codes to determine exactly what’s wrong, and clear them from the computer’s memory once the problem is fixed. 

A controller area network (CAN) is a serial bus network of microcontrollers that connects  devices, sensors and actuators in a system or subsystem for a real- time control applications. 

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Knowledge on IOT devices.
    2. OBD port data and CAN information

Expected Output

  1. Research report - A detailed report identifying the right devices that can be used to read the data from the OBD port    Pdf
  2. Spreadsheet of the quantum of data that can be captured - Understand the quantum of data that can be captured and what can the data be used for.    Excel

Reading of OBD port Data and CAN information

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