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Raising Awareness in the field of Mental Health.

Create a plan for a workshop that can be held at Hope Trust that would help raise awareness on a specific topic in mental health that may interest you such as counselling stigma, gender equality, or family pressure to get into a particular profession.

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About this Menternship

Hope Trust is Asia’s leading treatment facility for addiction – alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and dual diagnosis. Hope Trust rehab has earned an international reputation with clients and their families alike all over the world. It is committed toward safe, confidential and effective treatment. 

Hope Trust is affiliated with leading treatment providers worldwide and works with several organizations and government agencies in India and abroad including Care Hospitals, Evam India, Ripples, Renascent, Addictions UK and OCN.  

Aside from treating patients, Hope Trust also has an extensive training and internship program for people interested in learning about addiction treatment, counselling, and other mental health services. 

Roughly 20% of the Indian population suffers from some sort of mental illness, but there is only one psychologist for every 4 lakh Indians. The only way to fix this issue is to raise awareness on the topic of mental health and erase the stigma of seeking treatment for such illnesses. Generating more interest and awareness on these topics is something that Hope Trust takes very seriously, and would like their future interns to partake in as well. 

Your job is to conduct research on a topic surrounding mental health (such as counselling stigma, gender equality, or family pressure to go into a specific profession) that may interest you. Choose a target audience that would benefit from learning more about this topic and finally, create a plan for a workshop that we could be held at Hope Trust and would help raise awareness about this specific topic.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Creating end to end workshop content, marketing it, and raising awareness through audience participation, along with activities.
    2. Conduct secondary research in the form of a literature review.

Expected Output

  1. Analysis of mental health problem - Description of the mental health topic you have chosen & explanation of the significance of the topic with relevant examples.    Pdf
  2. Workshop agenda & content - Description of workshop from start to finish including marketing, content, and audience participation, and activities.    Pdf

Raising Awareness in the field of Mental Health.

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