Business Development
Increase the outreach of MentorMind and sell 5 subscriptions in 5 days
Leverage of your immediate network, to increase the outreach and close 5 subscriptions for MentorMind by implementing the skills of market research & negotiation.
Luvieen Alva
CEO, MentorMind
About this menternship
In this Menternship, you will be testing your ability to leverage of your immediate network, to help grow the outreach and sales for MentorMind.

Through the course of this Menternship, you will be executing the skills of market research, network building, direct sales & negotiation.

On successful completion, you get the chance to be part of the MentorMind team as well as win some eye catching merchandise.

MentorMind is an online platform where students and recent graduates can access and be certified in real-time projects, created in collaboration with companies from different professional domains.
MentorMind is the 2nd runner-up at Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA) held in London this January 2018 where 2000 startups from 70 countries participated. 

Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
The skill of building and maintaining a network
Direct sales & negotiation

Expected Output
  1. Ideal customer profile
  2. List of potential customers
  3. List of customers acquired
  4. Sales pitch draft
  5. Video of Self
Increase the outreach of MentorMind and sell 5 subscriptions in 5 days
This menternship offers
People with experience in the industry of your choice ready to help you complete the challenges at hand.
Every challenge comes with a certificate on completion from both Mentormind and the company hosting the challenge.
Real life experience
Gain real-time work experience, online. Each challenge comes with resources to help bring the office to where you are.