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Explore the Potential of a Successful Corporate Product in the Education Market

Explore the market feasibility & scale in the education sector for a real-time product called Sandboxx, which is already a proven winner in the corporate sector.

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Expected Output

  1. Feasibility report - A report on whether SANDBOXX would work in the education sector - backed by research data.    Pdf
  2. Market research in education sector - The market size & opportunity present in the education sector, for the sale of SANDBOXX as a product    Pdf
  3. Pricing strategy - The pricing strategy for SANDBOXX & it’s variants in the education market - backed on research data.    Excel

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Secondary & Primary Market Research techniques.
    2. Product Marketing & Positioning.
    3. Surveying & Analysing Survey Reports.
    4. Product pricing.

About this Menternship

SANDBOXX is a blended-learning product that aids in creating soft-skill competencies. It creates affirmative action-based learning and it has an individual development focus. It empowers organisations to own their training by building in-house capabilities. It enables a wider reach of learning owing to its blended form, facilitating organisation-wide transformation. And all at a cost that is more than reasonable.

SANDBOXX provides a self-sufficient kit that enables you to:

  • Create in-house trainers
  • Empower them to be team facilitators
  • Provides the games & simulations to simulate behaviour
  • Provides the tools for in-house trainers to focus individuals and teams on the key organisational issues
  • Provides a base for complete Knowledge Transfer for ongoing interventions
  • Allows for regular refresher courses for internal facilitators

SANDBOXX has proven to be a successful product in the Corporate market, with many corporate organisations trusting it’s capability to improve their internal learning & development initiatives.

Change Inc now wants to explore the feasibility of SANDBOXX working in the education sector, enhancing soft-skills, life-skills & leadership education imparted to students. 

In this Menternship, you need to conduct a thorough market research among education institutions, and come up with a feasibility report for SANDBOXX.

Explore the Potential of a Successful Corporate Product in the Education Market