Computer Science
Develop and Implement a Process to Convert an Image to Text with a High Degree of Accuracy
Develop and implement a process which converts images containing text to text with a high degree of accuracy

About this menternship
Avantsy Technologies is a startup that builds solutions for proximity marketing. Their product - PromoNear provides a unique opportunity for various establishments to market their products to customers who are close to their location and encourage potential customers to discover their establishment when they are nearby. They promise to give you the most relevant offers exactly when and where you need them. PromoNear has been helping numerous customers simplify their shopping experiences and save money!

The advantages of going digital are well known. From businesses to everyday lives, most of our experiences and transactions happen over the internet. Now more than ever, there is a want and need to have all relevant information in a digital format. Technology has tremendously changed the way people live and interact. In this light, converting text from images or scanned documents to machine-readable text becomes extremely important. Being able to read a text from an image and accurately re-write it in a machine-readable format is a highly sought after skill in the industry. This enables faster conversion of scanned documents like magazines or newspapers into a format that can be read, searched and retrieved by a computer.

In this menternship you will apply pre-processing techniques to an image in order to improve the accuracy of an OCR output.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Process flow design
Image quality parameters

You will apply:
Image processing
Optical Character Recognition

You will create:
A program to enhance the quality of text in an image

Expected Output
  1. An Executional Report - It must show the before and after measurements of the aspects of the input and enhanced images.
  2. Complete Code of the Implementation 
  3. Implementation Document - Listing the design of the implementation along with any options researched and selected.
  4. Soft copies of the Input and the Enhanced Images
  5. Video of Self
Develop and Implement a Process to Convert an Image to Text with a High Degree of Accuracy
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