Develop an Operations Model to Suggest Optimum Production Timelines for a Perishables Based Business
Analyse the current demand based on past sales, the manufacturing capacity, the inventory capacity & the life cycle of a product before building an operations model for optimum manufacturing schedules
, Starchik Foods
About this Menternship
In this Menternship, you are required to work on a unique problem around the operations of Starchik as a company. Starchik produces multiple ready-to-eat food products that have a specific shelf life once manufactured.

Hence, one of the processes that can be optimised currently at the company, is the rate of production. Based on the production and post production capacity & processes, along with the storage capacity and customer demand over the past year, you are required to develop an effective operations model that helps them optimise their production timelines for their products. This model must help the company decrease their production and inventory costs from an overall business perspective.

Starchik is one of the largest privately owned processors and sellers of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian products in Hyderabad. 
Consistently superior quality and immaculate customer service are the reason Starchik enjoys such a loyal customer base today.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. Operations research process
  2. Application of mathematical/simulation models in OR
  3. Model formulation for business optimisation

Expected Output
  1. Report on company's current operations process
  2. Report on key factors and constraints identified
  3. Research document on model formulation
  4. Model solution
  5. Implementation recommendations and plan of action
  6. Video of self
Develop an Operations Model to Suggest Optimum Production Timelines for a Perishables Based Business
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