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Develop an Evaluation Framework to Measure Impact

Based on intensive ground reality surveying, impact model research and statistical analysis, develop a tangible Impact Measurement Model to assess the activities of the organisation.

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About this Menternship

Umeed is a non-profit that hopes to promote women’s empowerment and radically alter the mindsets that exist within society.
Through providing training and knowledge to women, we aspire to bring about an immediate and lasting difference; one of hope, dignity and security.
We provide training to women to create and sell simple and beautiful eco-friendly newspaper handicrafts, thus giving these women exposure to new life-skills; such as planning, budgeting, teamwork and creativity. 
These skills will go a long way to drive their confidence, empower them and, eventually alter the oppressive mindsets around them to progressive ones.
Umeed does not exist only to better the lives of these women; but to better the lives of their whole families and communities.

At Umeed, our beneficiaries, women from low-income communities are trained to make simple, beautiful and eco-friendly newspaper handicrafts. These then undergo stringent quality checks. After successful checks, the products are put on sale by way of setting up exhibitions at popular events, organizations, corporate houses, and community spaces. 
We are also gradually building our presence at retail outlets where the reach of our products would increase manifold.
While adapted to meet local challenges, our work has at its foundation in these 3 essential elements: Skill Building, Values & Mindsets, and Exposure.

Umeed is currently working in 4 different slum communities within the city of Hyderabad. Having conducted multiple workshops on Skill building, Values & Mindsets and Exposure, we are looking at a tangible method of measuring the impact they are creating. 

Based on intensive ground reality surveying, impact model research & statistical analysis, your challenge is to come up with a Tangible Impact Measurement Model for Umeed’s work.

As a non profit that has worked in field for 2 years now it is very important that we measure our impact now as this will help us understand if we have achieved or if we are on the path of what we set out for. These impact numbers will also help us in strategizing a further plan. So apart from getting numbers, talking to donors, getting funds, etc, the numbers will be a reassuring factor to us as a team to understand that what we wanted to do has been done and we can go ahead and repeat this in other cities and communities.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. The complete process involved in creating an impact measurement model
    2. Studying a sector in detail & mapping impact analysis.
    3. Building a strong insight into social businesses.
    4. Impact Models & their application.

Expected Output

  1. Survey analysis - Document your survey results & analysis in a report of not more than 5 pages    Pdf
  2. Research study & statistical analysis - Submit a report on your research and the facts & figures used in your analysis.    Pdf
  3. Impact measurement model - Submit your proposed model for effective impact measurement.    Pdf

Develop an Evaluation Framework to Measure Impact

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