Develop an environment-friendly hazardous waste disposal process for a manufacturing plant
Develop a policy document outlining the objectives and detailed steps of process for industrial waste management at a manufacturing facility.
About this Menternship
WeGOT is making tech solve the global water crisis. Their solution is very simple. They design smart water meters - water meters that can detect water leaks and can alert household owners about excess water consumption on a day. WeGOT helps households save water simply by avoiding its undetected wastage and tracking their use - just the way a fitness band tracks our calories and steps. Smart measurements in WeGOT meters drive people to save more water.
In this menternship brought to you by WeGOT, you have to develop a smart and efficient system of waste management for manufacturing plants similar to WeGOT. The system should help the plants adhere to all requirements of waste management laid down by the central authorities of pollution control.

Small to medium sized manufacturing plants do not always have access to expert talent on waste management. It is also difficult for these plants to buy the services of big waste management contractors who are used by bigger companies. These plants usually rely on production managers to use services of multiple waste management vendors for different types of waste generated by the plant. Through these process of multiple vendors and their varying processes for waste disposal, it is difficult for a manufacturer to track and monitor the quality of waste management process. This leads to violations of pollution control guidelines, and also contamination of land and water resources. It is our task in this menternship to curb this problem through an efficient waste management policy.

An environment-friendly waste management policy for a manufacturing facility

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Industrial waste management
Pollution control guidelines for manufacturers
Vendors management for waste processing units 

You will apply:
Market Research
Process Mapping
Total Quality Management

You will create:
A waste management policy for a manufacturing facility
Expected Output
  1. Report: Current waste management challenges and practices in a manufacturing plant
  2. Waste management policy for a manufacturing plant
  3. Video of Self
Develop an environment-friendly hazardous waste disposal process for a manufacturing plant
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