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Design a Smart Waste Management System Using Internet of Things

Design a Smart Waste Management system with integrated route Optimization using Internet of Things.

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About this Menternship

From metros to small villages, waste management systems helps in keeping our homes free from clutter. Even though we have different waste management services, they prove to be inefficient because of the lack of standard operating methods both collection-wise and logistics-wise. Waste management is essentially a service provided by the municipalities in the cities for the general public. At present the waste management system runs according to a predefined schedule. Devise a Smart Management System with Integrated Route Optimisation using Internet of Things.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Integrated Route Optimization.
    2. Smart Waste Management System.

Expected Output

  1. Report on problem faced & the consequences as a result.    Pdf
  2. Research report on Sensors used for this system.    Pdf
  3. The approach file containing the initial thinking process and some intuition to achieve the task - Explain the thought process involved in the process flow of designing a wireless power transfer solution.    Pdf
  4. The design.pdf that contains all the design detail schematics - Explain the design details and the hardware implementation for creating this prototype.    Pdf
  5. A youtube video explaining the functioning of the working prototype made by you - Upload a video on Youtube explaining the working of the prototype that you have created.    Video

Design a Smart Waste Management System Using Internet of Things

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