Market Research
Create a Consumer Finance Report to Onboard New Vendors for a Growing SME
Understand the consumer finance industry, and develop a vendor on-boarding layout for a fast-growing SME in the IT Retail sector
Ajay Akhnoor
Public Relations, Vishal Peripherals
About this menternship
Consumer finance is set up primarily for people or organizations with less than perfect credit or for either having difficulty obtaining credit, wanting to purchase something that is out of their monetary range. Consumer finance loans allow a person to obtain a loan when banks, other organizations and credit unions deny their pleas. The lender usually charges higher interest rates because, when dealing with a consumer finance loan, the borrowers are considered high risk.
Consumer finance loans can be used to purchase automobiles, items in bulk, refurnish homes or even pay off interest rates on credit cards. 
Consumer finance companies usually lend cash to consumers for a variety of purchases. They aim at encouraging people to borrow and therefore entice customers with creative rates and deals.
Vishal Peripherals is a leading provider of IT products established in the year 1998 by Shri Prahalad Prasad Hisariya. Situated in CTC, Secunderabad, and housing 5 other branches - all providing quality service in fulfilling demands in supplying any product without needing to question whether or not it can be supplied. 
With an annual turnover in the realms of INR 200 crores, Vishal Peripherals is moving ahead with a singular notion: “Name an IT product and it shall be supplied, cost-effective and quantitative."
We believe that when knowledge travels, opportunities arise.
A fast-changing and inter-connected world requires fresh thinking combined with proven experience. That's what this Menternship aims to provide. Progress starts with ideas and while imagination helps at every level, the financial solutions you build in this Menternship will be aligned with a financial strategy. The experience you get in understanding organizational economy will also give you an idea on the general market perspective currently. Find out all about it and more in this Menternship.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Financial Strategies  
  2. Vendor Onboarding  
  3. Analysing Accounts & Finance Plans

Expected Output
  1. Research report on Consumer Finance (5 Pages Max)
  2. Report on best case practices
  3. Vendor on-boarding form
  4. Video of Self
Create a Consumer Finance Report to Onboard New Vendors for a Growing SME
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