Life Sciences
Conduct research on the after effects of vaccines created to counter the COVID 19 pandemic, through primary research & analysis
In this present study, you will work to track the reactions or side effects of the first and second dose of the vaccines, and corelate them to various factors
About this Menternship
In this Menternship, you will be working on the most current topic in medicine in the world today which is Covid 19. In 2021, the first vaccines were rolled out in various countries on an emergency basis, with accelerated approval procedures followed in each country prior to release.
Each vaccine has its own technology, and mode of action, and with the data coming out of countries everyday, the efficacy of the vaccine is being evaluated on an ongoing basis.
Associated with the vaccine are a range of reactions that have been observed after the first and second doses.
You will be required to plan your study, based on a template that will be provided. You are expected to survey 20 participants, who have been vaccinated recently, based on a questionnaire created by you. You will tabulate their responses and study the data, and draw your conclusions.
Depending on the quality of the work and the findings, mentors will help you prepare an abstract or poster for submission to a national or international publication.

This virtual internship is being certified by Saint James School of Medicine. Our mentors will guide you through the various steps of the study, and help you with the correlation of the various factors and to draw your final conclusions.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. To plan a research study
  2. Survey skills
  3. Tabulation & analysis of findings
  4. Writing a report

Expected Output
  1. Research Study Plan
  2. Questionnaire for the Survey
  3. List of Participants
  4. Survey Results
  5. Research Analysis Report
  6. Video of Self
Conduct research on the after effects of vaccines created to counter the COVID 19 pandemic, through primary research & analysis
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