Build a Business Report in the Fields of IoT Based Security Solutions and B2B Payment Solutions
Survey the market in 2 niche domains, and create a business report leading to the selection of 1 prominent start-up in each domain
About this menternship
In this Menternship, you are expected to build a business report in the fields of IoT based security solutions and B2B payment solutions.
At the end of this project, we would like to see one startup that you have picked from IoT based security solutions and one startup from B2B payment solutions, based on the criteria given to you.

Through the process of this Menternship, you will be learning and executing the skills of market research, business writing, data analysis & presentation.

Axilor Ventures, based out of Bangalore, helps early-stage startups succeed. Founded by some of the most respected entrepreneurs, they are an accelerator and a seed fund. They help founders improve their odds of success through its programs and a unique venture funding model. 
They are looking for interns who can help us reach out to more founders and startups to move our vision forward.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. The art of business writing
  2. Market research for a particular domain
  3. Data analysis & presentation
Expected Output
  1. Brief research report on mentioned Industry
  2. Business report on IOT Security Solutions
  3. Business report on B2B Payment Solutions
  4. Video of Self
Build a Business Report in the Fields of IoT Based Security Solutions and B2B Payment Solutions
This menternship offers
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