Build a Business Report in the Fields of IoT Based Security Solutions and B2B Payment Solutions
Survey the market in two niche domains, and create a business report leading to the selection of one prominent start-up in each domain
About this Menternship
Axilor Ventures supports and helps early stage startups succeed. Headquartered in Bangalore, they are the number one rated program for early stage startups. A fantastic founder community and the largest partner network of Venture Capitalists makes them the place where great startup stories begin from. Startups often have to navigate uncertain and uncharted territory. Axilor believes that the founders need all the support they can get to make their startup a success and strives to provide the same.

Business reports help shed light on the issues and gain insights into the required aspects of an organisation. They can help evaluate a particular issue or process. The aim of business reports is to communicate relevant information succinctly and efficiently. Business reports help in the decision making processes of the organisation. A clear business report adds immense value to the direction a business takes.

In this menternship, you need to create two business reports - one in the field of IoT based security solutions and another in the field of B2B Payment solutions. Your business reports will help Axilor Ventures provide seed funds to the identified companies.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
IoT based security solutions
B2B Payment solutions
Key industry players
Design elements
Business growth aspects

You will apply:
Report writing
Trend analysis
Visual presentation tools
Industry research

You will create:
Business reports in two fields - IoT based security solutions and B2B payment solutions
Expected Output
  1. Brief research report on mentioned Industry
  2. Business report on IOT Security Solutions
  3. Business report on B2B Payment Solutions
  4. Video of Self
Build a Business Report in the Fields of IoT Based Security Solutions and B2B Payment Solutions
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