Transform a fast-casual restaurant into a zero-waste restaurant
Design a goods procurement and waste management process for a restaurant that reduces or eliminates non-degradable waste
About this Menternship
Ram ki Bandi is a fast casual restaurant that operates from tiny food corners and carts across the city of Hyderabad. It is a decades-old restaurant that serves the needs of Hyderabadis craving their dosas and idlis at all hours of the day! At nearly all hours of the day, one or the other outlet of Ram ki Bandi is open and serving hot food! 
Ram ki Bandi brings to you an unique challenge in this menternship. Restaurants like Ram ki Bandi struggle with the problem of staggering amounts of waste in the forms of spoilt raw food, stale cooked food, leftovers and also packaging material. In this menternship, you have the opportunity to solve this problem for all fast casual restaurants that are similar to Ram ki Bandi. Fast casual restaurants are pretty much like fast food restaurants, except they also serve ‘slow food’ from local cuisine. Most street food vendors with medium-sized outlets with a sit-and-dine facility fall into this category!

Street food vendors in India (and in fact all of South-East Asia) operate mostly in the informal sector, and hence their waste management problem is also serviced by the informal sector. They do not have any means of assessing how to procure goods in a manner that waste is minimized. They also do not have access to facilities that can help them dispose of waste in a sustainable manner. It is believed that nearly 40% of food produced in third world countries goes to waste due to a fragmented supply chain. A large portion of this waste is coming from restaurants like these. These restaurants are also large consumers of single-use plastic packaging as it is the cheapest option. How do we solve this waste management problem? Is there a way an average street food outlet can generate zero waste? We believe that there is. And, that you can find it!

Design an end-to-end goods procurement to waste disposal model for a fast-casual restaurant near you 

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Food waste management
Restaurant waste management
Zero-waste restaurant design 

You will apply:
Market Research
Process Mapping
Total Quality Management

You will create:
An operation model to turn an average fast-casual restaurant near you into a zero waste restaurant

Expected Output
  1. Restaurant waste management - Needs assessment and best practices report
  2. Video of Self
Transform a fast-casual restaurant into a zero-waste restaurant
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