Source the Next Big Start-Up in the Education/Agriculture Industry
Don the hat of an impact investment firm, sourcing 150 companies for their Education (or) Agriculture accelerator program in 2017. Compile the list & rate them to select your top 35 in the sector of your choice.
About this menternship
Village Capital finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. They build communities around entrepreneurs and their ventures to improve opportunities for growth and success.

To implement their unique “peer-selection” model, Village capital seeks to find the 35 best startups in various social development sectors. As part the process of their mission to help budding impact businesses grow, one of the most crucial steps is to find the right companies.

This step is known as Deal Sourcing. Every venture capital firm in the world is looking for companies with really good founders & solid business models. Thorough sectorial analysis, followed by proper due diligence of each prospect company helps them arrive at the best possible final cohort.
In simple terms, Deal Sourcing is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Village Capital is constantly looking for a pipeline of new companies in social development sectors, thereby making this challenge an important part of their daily activities.

In this Menternship, your objective is to source 150 companies in one of the following 2 sectors, and rate them to select the best 35.

  1. K-12 Education Technology.
  2. Agriculture for the small-holder farmer.
Relevant information on the 2 sectors has been provided in the mentor videos as well as the resource hub.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
1. The complete process involved for Deal Sourcing in Venture Capital.
2. Studying a sector in detail & mapping a trends analysis using PESTEL analysis. 
3. Building a strong entrepreneurial network.
4. Business Models & their real-time application.
Expected Output
  1. Sector trend analysis - Submit a report on the different trends that characterise the sector you chose.
  2. Sub-sector Analysis Report
  3. 3 pipeline partners report
  4. Startup market research - An excel sheet (format provided in resource hub) filled out in the required format for 150 companies in the sector of your choice.
  5. Final filtered Excel sheet with your top 35 companies, along with your individual rating for each
  6. Video of Self
Source the Next Big Start-Up in the Education/Agriculture Industry
This menternship offers
People with experience in the industry of your choice ready to help you complete the challenges at hand.
Every challenge comes with a certificate on completion from both Mentormind and the company hosting the challenge.
Real life experience
Gain real-time work experience, online. Each challenge comes with resources to help bring the office to where you are.