Human Resource
Screen Applicants and Strategise a Multiple Round Selection Process for the Position of a Sales Representative at a Premium Furniture Store
Create a strategy to recruit a sales representative for Danube Home, after screening the resumes of a list of applicants for the role

About this Menternship
This Menternship will require you to screen resumes for a Sales Representative position at Danube Homes and strategise a multiple round selection process for the same. 

Resume screening is the process of determining whether a candidate is qualified for a role based on his or her education, experience, skills and other information captured on their resume. You will be provided with resumes of potential candidates that you need to go through and shortlist.
The shortlisted candidates will have to undergo a multiple round selection process that has been strategized by you. A well rounded selection process tests all aspects of a candidate. 

Through this menternship, you will be able to effectively screen resumes and develop various selection rounds that assess the behavioral characteristics and the technical abilities of the candidates. 

Danube Home is a one stop shop for all home furnishing needs. It is a premium luxury store located in Hyderabad. It is part of the multi-billion dollar Danube group, which is headquartered in Dubai.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. How to Create an Ideal Candidate Profiles
  2. How to Screen a Resume and Identify Red Flags 
  3. Psychometric Testing for Recruitment 
  4. Methods to Assess Hard Skills for Sales 
  5. Developing Interview Questions for a Selection Process 

Expected Output
  1. Ideal candidate profile
  2. Report on the screening process
  3. List of psychometric tests selected
  4. Presentation on technical skills round
  5. Explanation of the technical skills round
  6. Interview Questionnaire
  7. Video of Self
Screen Applicants and Strategise a Multiple Round Selection Process for the Position of a Sales Representative at a Premium Furniture Store
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