Research and Exploration in the Field of Addiction

Consolidate your research and exploration in the field of addiction into a clinical case report.  

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About this Menternship

Addiction is one of the most common illnesses that our nation faces. It is the overpowering urge to use a particular substance regardless of the consequences that accompany it. It is a chronic disease characterized by a high level of obsession that cannot be controlled unless there is some sort of a focused intervention. 

With thousands of lives being damaged each year due to lack of treatment. Research and prevention methods have come to show that with the correct care and treatment, intervention can be successful and can completely change the course of an addict’s life. 

Addiction treatment and therapy uses a step-by-step process to ensure that the addict can understand he/she has an issue and then take the correct steps to avoid the addictive substance or activity. At Hope, we follow a holistic biopsychosocial model of addiction treatment, which involves addressing all aspects of life affected by this disease.

Your task is to identify a type of addiction (alcohol, drug, sex, gambling) that may interest you. Once you have chosen a topic, conduct research on this particular disease. Identify the various treatment methods that a patient may undergo once they decide to get help. Finally, use the Hope Trust website and the resources provided to create a clinical case report for a patient who suffers from this illness.

Hope Trust is Asia’s leading treatment facility for addictions – alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and dual diagnosis. Hope Trust rehab has earned an international reputation with Clients and their families from all over the world. It is committed toward safe, confidential and effective treatment. 

Hope Trust is affiliated with leading treatment providers worldwide and works with several organizations and government agencies in India and abroad including Care Hospitals, Evam India, Ripples, Renascent, Addictions UK and OCN.  

Aside from treating patients, Hope Trust also has an extensive training and internship program for people interested in learning about addiction treatment, counselling, and other mental health services. 

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Creating a clinical case report for patients
    2. Conducting secondary research in the form of literature review

Expected Output

  1. Literature Review of Disease    Pdf
  2. Clinical case report - Consolidate your research and exploration in the field of addiction into a clinical case report.    Pdf

Research and Exploration in the Field of Addiction

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