Put together a mood board for the design of a bedroom
Explore the concept design aspect of the interior design process for a house, which involves in depth research, ideation and composition to create a detailed mood board for a bedroom design

About this menternship
In this menternship, you will explore the concept or conceptualisation part of the overall interior design process.

In general, the complete design process consists of the following:
  1. Site study & project brief
  2. Concept Design
  3. Schematic Design
  4. Site Execution

In this Menternship, we are going to be exploring the second stage in detail

This process is further broken down into the following parts:
1. Doing research, building references & inspirations
2. Creating a palette of different elements (finishes, furniture, lighting, fabrics, décor, etc)
3. Putting together all the ideas as a mood board

As you can see from the above process, this Menternship will help you build research skills, understand niche design skills and help you understand an overview of the design project management process in brief.

This Menternship is certified by ROOH Studio, which is an Indo-European studio for contextual, strategic, responsible and thoughtful architecture. They are currently present in India, UK & Finland. 
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Research in a design context
  2. Understanding material palettes
  3. How to create an effective moodboard

Expected Output
  1. Research report on design styles for a house
  2. Presentation of References, Styles & Inspirations
  3. Mood board for design concept
  4. Video of Self
Put together a mood board for the design of a bedroom
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