Business Development
Produce Effective and Captivating Web Content for an Online B2B Marketplace
Generate a series of two blog posts surrounding the sphere of e-commerce and well as promotional web content to be posted on the website of a young B2B online marketplace.
About this menternship
ShopClients is a group of young and dynamic business development professionals, working towards redefining the way businesses deal with vendor management, supply chain and business development processes.

We are building ShopClients to help businesses to connect with its potential Clients on our platform wherein we conduct the need analysis and preliminary screening of client’s eligibility and scale as expected against defined criteria from businesses. As a result, we have a 95% conversion rate till date. Partnership with ShopClients has helped our Business partners to save up to 65%-70% of funds spent on business development/sales teams in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We aim to help businesses to grow at a rate of 2x-3x by spending up to 65%-70% less on their business development/sales needs.

Through this Menternship, ShopClients is looking for you to display your creativity, eloquence and language skills by creating blog posts and promotional content for the website of an e-commerce platform.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. How to creatively keep the audience captivated with the use of relevant yet relatable terms without tiring the reader with excess technicalities 
  2. Conducting comprehensive research, how to omit digressions and avoid unnecessary rambling
  3. How to ascertain and draw the audience’s focus to the selling points and build on the appeal of the product through the power of language

Expected Output
  1. Research report
  2. Final draft copy
  3. Product description copy
  4. Video of Self
Produce Effective and Captivating Web Content for an Online B2B Marketplace
This menternship offers
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