Human Resource
Prepare the Volunteer Induction & Performance Tracking Program at Teach For India
Create the volunteer induction material for new volunteers at Teach For India along with a method and template to track and evaluate their performance.
Alumni Engagement Manager, Teach For India
About this Menternship
Teach for India believes that education is the solution to most problems that plague society today. However, it is not enough to bring kids to school. It is important to provide quality education to them once they are there. Teach for India aims to bridge the gaping educational inequity in India by hiring young people to serve as teachers in the most marginalised urban schools in India. Through Teach for India’s Fellowship, Fellows step into government or low budget private schools and don the hats of a teacher and mentor.

Teach for India Fellows perform various roles ranging from teaching to community engagement. Volunteers step in here to help the Fellows improve their efficiency and reach. However, when volunteers are recruited, they are usually in the dark about the organisation, it’s culture and the deliverables. A comprehensive induction programme is the easiest way to inform them of these while also setting the tone for their experience with the organisation. Companies are increasingly investing in induction programmes for new hires to deliver a better employee experience and reduce attrition.

In this menternship, you will prepare a comprehensive volunteer induction programme. You will then come up with a performance tracking program for the volunteers.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
HRM for non-profits
Education sector in India
Google Forms
Google Sheets

You will apply:
Research - HR
Performance management strategies
Performance tracking and evaluation strategies
Presentation skills

You will create:
Volunteer induction kit
Performance tracker
Student feedback form

Expected Output
  1. Video Presentation
  2. Volunteer Induction Presentation
  3. Volunteer Induction Checklist
  4. Volunteer Performance Tracker (Including how to use tool-tips)
  5. Student feedback form
  6. Frequency & Method of Volunteer Tracking
  7. Video of Self
Prepare the Volunteer Induction & Performance Tracking Program at Teach For India
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