Optimise the Supply Chain Processes for an F&B Chain to Adapt to an Outbreak of a Disease
Analyse how a disease outbreak affects various factors in the business process of the company & optimise the supply chain processes based on the changes anticipated
About this menternship
In this Menternship, you will have the opportunity to identify the Supply Chain for The ThickShake Factory and under the assumption that there is an outbreak of a disease, you have to optimise the Supply Chain processes for the same. You will understand how the disease can pose a threat to the current Supply Chain processes and will also have to come up with solutions for the same. You will have to use a variety of tools such as the Cost-Benefit Analysis, ABC Inventory and Inventory Forecasting methods to optimise the Supply Chain. 

This Menternship provides you with the opportunity to apply core principles within supply chain management in a real-time scenario!

The ThickShake Factory is one of the largest F&B chains in the country. They sell a variety of milkshakes and thickshakes. 
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Supply Chain Management 
  2. Optimising a Supply Chain 
  3. Categorising Items Using the ABC Inventory 
  4. Inventory Forecasting Through EOQ and Reorder Points 
  5. Conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Expected Output
  1. Report on the impact of an outbreak on the Supply Chain processes
  2. Report on analysis and proposed recommendations
  3. Cost-benefit analysis, ABC Inventory, Re-order points & EOQ
  4. Video of self
Optimise the Supply Chain Processes for an F&B Chain to Adapt to an Outbreak of a Disease
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