Market Research
Innovate Around the Original Recipe of BOLT COLD BREW - a Popular Caffeinated Beverage and Help Create New Variants
Design a brand new pre-packaged food as a quick, tasty, caffeinated pick-me-up 
About this Menternship
Staying energetic all day long would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? You could get so much done and maybe still have it in you to do some more! The dips in energy are a true impediment to productivity. Bolt Cold Brew takes care of that for you! Their range of coffee shots are an immediate boost of energy captured in a bottle. With low calorific value and a promise to keep you energetic and focussed, they are an instant pick me up for any time of the day!

With an increasing number of conscious customers it is much more important for the food and beverage industry to be mindful of their ingredients, cooking and packaging practices. Consumers are looking for more transparency about the product. At the same time there is a significant demand for healthy, ready to consume products. Enterprises are making the most of this trend by coming up with innovative pre-packaged food products. Creativity and a sense of adventure are what they are looking for in individuals, to produce a whole new product.

As part of this menternship, you will come up with two products - cold brew coffee shots and a caffeinated energy bar, with an interesting and tasty combination of flavours that will appeal to the consumers.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Pre-packaged food and beverage industry
Calorific values
Health drinks
Fitness and nutrition industry
Competitor analysis

You will apply:
Product research
Ingredient analysis
Flavour matching
Report writing
Recipe building

You will create:
A report on chosen flavours for coffee shots
Recipe for a caffeinated energy bar

Expected Output
  1. Report on chosen flavours
  2. Survey Questions and responses
  3. Suggested Sweeteners
  4. Detailed recipe for BOLT energy bar along with nutritional information
  5. Video of Self
Innovate Around the Original Recipe of BOLT COLD BREW - a Popular Caffeinated Beverage and Help Create New Variants
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