Innovate Around the Original Recipe of BOLT COLD BREW - a Popular Caffeinated Beverage and Help Create New Variants
Get the opportunity to work with the original recipe of a popular caffeinated beverage, before creating your own recipes and concentrate products for BOLT Cold Brew
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About this menternship
In this Menternship, you will be learning and working around the interesting field of food and nutrition innovation.

With the opportunity of working hands on with a beverage sample (BOLT Cold Brew), and innovating around it's original flavour, this is a unique experience in the evergreen field of food.

You will be executing a skill set of nutrition research & sampling during the course of this Menternship.

Rudra Coffee manufactures and sells India's first bottled ready to drink cold brewed coffee under the brand name Bolt Cold Brew ( 

Bolt is one of India’s first bottled, ready to drink cold brewed coffee. The  brewing technique uses time instead of temperature to extract coffee flavours. Bolt is made by mixing freshly roasted coffee with room temperature water and by brewing it for over 24 hours under refrigerated conditions. Once brewed, the coffee is double filtered and immediately bottled to preserve its freshness. 
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. The process of coffee brewing and production
  2. The art of research in the field of food and nutrition
  3. Creating, testing and finalising recipes in a professional food & beverage environment

Expected Output
  1. Report regarding the chosen flavours, why they were preferred, along with their nutritional properties.Pdf
  2. Detailed recipe for BOLT energy bar along with nutritional informationPdf
  3. Video of SelfVideo
Innovate Around the Original Recipe of BOLT COLD BREW - a Popular Caffeinated Beverage and Help Create New Variants
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