Digital Marketing
Develop an Engaging Community Engagement and Growth Strategy for an Upcoming, Popular Caffeinated Beverage
Explore and execute the in-demand skill of Community Marketing and Engagement for a new and upcoming beverage, that operates in a vibrant and active community of coffee enthusiasts.
About this Menternship
Bolt Cold Brew sells coffee that isn't just coffee. It is coffee that is less acidic, more flavourful and packs a punch in just one shot. The shots are made with the intention of giving this caffeinated energy drink a healthy twist and do the job in just 60 ml with 100% natural ingredients. Combining the taste of coffee with tantalising flavours of lemon, vanilla, saunf, ginger, and blueberry, each bottle tells a story unique to itself. Bolt Crew Bold operates out of Hyderabad and is serving a fast-growing market of consumers across the country. They need the help of savvy digital marketers to help them become category leaders for 100% natural energy drinks.

Most energy drinks in the market give us an intense caffeinated ‘sugar-high’, but do not, unfortunately, give us any actual energy. Our bodies are fooled for a short period of time by the spike in adrenaline and glucose levels, but in the long run, body pays the price by combatting dehydration and the threat of anxiety and diabetes. An emerging market of 100% natural energy drinks aims to break this vicious circle by introducing us to traditional energy givers like fruit, fibre and controlled amounts of caffeine. Bolt Cold Brew belongs to this category!

In this menternship, you will research and develop a community marketing strategy that will help Bold Cold Brew become a category leader.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Community marketing - research
Health drink industry
Online community building

You will apply:
Customer empathy
Market research
Digital marketing - strategy

You will create:
Community marketing strategy to educate and acquire potential new customers for Bolt Cold Brew
Expected Output
  1. Product description report
  2. Community research report
  3. Community marketing strategy
  4. Community marketing research report
  5. Video of Self
Develop an Engaging Community Engagement and Growth Strategy for an Upcoming, Popular Caffeinated Beverage
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