Human Resource
Develop an Effective Employee Feedback System for Avetti Commerce
Deep dive into transactional analysis while analysing a database of employee feedback to build a model that can manage employee feedback
About this menternship
In this menternship, you will have the opportunity to develop an effective feedback system for Avetti. You will have to research on organisational behaviour concepts such as transactional analysis. A dataset of employee feedback has been provided, you will have to build a model that analyses the voice of the employee. You will have to define an effective feedback system for Avetti and deliver a session on giving and receiving feedback. 

Avetti Commerce is an E-Commerce platform started in 2001, present in 7 countries. It enables SMEs and potential business owners to go online and to fulfil their digital transformation. Avetti India is offering a great experience to their customers since the last 3 years and looking at full fledged growth in the near future.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Transactional feedback
  2. Developing a VOE model 
  3. Building a feedback system 
  4. Presenting a session 

Expected Output
  1. Research Report (Company, Communication, Transactional Analysis)
  2. Training Presentation Video
  3. Training Session Presentation
  4. Feedback System
  5. Voice of Employee Model
  6. Video of Self
Develop an Effective Employee Feedback System for Avetti Commerce
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