Develop a Supply Chain Strategy for a Fast-Growing Peripherals Business
Understand the business model in detail before creating an effective supply chain strategy for an IT Retail business, looking to maintain its high-quality customer service, while being more cost-effective
Luvieen Alva
Representing, Vishal Peripherals
About this menternship
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of overseeing and controlling the movement of goods and services from a manufacturer to a consumer. A supply chain manager’s goal is to improve the efficiency of the supply chain in order to reduce costs for the organization. For the very same reason, they oversee the entire process, including procurement of raw materials, analysing the size and location of manufacturing inventories and warehouses, 
understanding partnership agreements, managing transportation etc. 

Processes used to collect, store, fetch, and dispatch inventory can all have an effect on the supply chain, and so a supply chain manager will have to keep an extremely keen eye on inventory management. The length of time that inventory is held for can have a large impact on a company’s profits so it thus becomes essential to its assets. 

Vishal Peripherals is a leading provider of IT products established in the year 1998 by Shri Prahalad Prasad Hisariya. Situated in CTC, Secunderabad, and housing 5 other branches - all providing quality service in fulfilling demands in supplying any product without needing to question whether or not it can be supplied. 
With an annual turnover in the realms of INR 200 crores, Vishal Peripherals is moving ahead with a singular notion: “Name an IT product and it shall be supplied, cost-effective and quantitative."

In this Menternship, you will specifically learn to demonstrate a supply chain scheme. This Menternship will help you put together a  standard that can be used to measure process management and help you learn to maintain an efficient, well-managed supply chain to reduce your client’s or organisation’s costs.

Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Creating a Business Model Canvas 
  2. Retail Supply Chain Management
  3. Inventory Management 
  4. Integrating 3PL 
  5. Return Logistics 

Expected Output
  1. 5 Trends in Retail Supply Chains
  2. Supply Chain Flowchart for a Retail Company
  3. Business Model Canvas of the Company
  4. Report on the Return Logistics & Policy
  5. 3PL Strategy
  6. Inventory Management Strategy
  7. 5 Metrics to track the Supply Chain Effectiveness
  8. Video of Self
Develop a Supply Chain Strategy for a Fast-Growing Peripherals Business
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