Develop A Quality Improvement Plan To Increase The Customer Satisfaction Of Piggy Hostel's Guests
Assess customer satisfaction by analysing customer reviews and develop a quality improvement plan for a budget hostel chain
About this menternship
In this menternship, you will be developing a quality improvement plan for Piggy Hostel based on the customer reviews. You will have to assess the customer satisfaction based on the customer reviews provided, by creating a VoC (voice of customer) table to streamline the data collected. The next step would be to transform the VoC table into actionable steps using Sentiment Analysis.

Once the steps are derived, you will have to develop a Quality Improvement plan based on the PDSA method to put the insights into action. 

Piggy Hostel is a budget accommodation hostel chain in Goa, providing a safe and comfortable stay to backpackers and all travellers alike. Hostels differ from hotels in the sense that they offer the option of a shared dormitory apart from private rooms, thus making it budget-friendly. 
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Measuring customer satisfaction
  2. Assessing Voice of Customer 
  3. Carrying out Sentiment Analysis
  4. Using PDSA method for Quality Improvement
  5. Creating a QI plan

Expected Output
  1. Report on General Operations of a Hostel Setup
  2. Report on Piggy Hostels
  3. Sentiment Analysis Report
  4. Voice of Customer (VoC) Table
  5. Report on Customer Satisfaction
  6. Quality Improvement Plan for Piggy Hostels
  7. Report on Quality Improvement (QI)
  8. Video of Self
Develop A Quality Improvement Plan To Increase The Customer Satisfaction Of Piggy Hostel's Guests
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