Develop a business plan to solve the problem of urban waste management
 Conduct market research, test your solutions and prepare a scalable business plan to solve the problem of urban waste management.
About this Menternship
Village Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in ideas that can bring a positive change to the world. Considered one of the best-networked impact investing firm in the world, Village Capital has supported the entrepreneurial journey of several business leaders in the field of education, healthcare solutions and agriculture! VillCap prefers to invest in solving problems instead of choosing industries.
In this menternship co-designed by Village Capital, you will work on a problem that is global in its scale. You will work on the issue of urban waste management and design a business plan that solves for one or several of the elements of urban waste management.

70% of our global population is headed to live in urban areas. As people move from rural to urban areas, they unlock diversity, opportunities and growth. Unfortunately, they also generate a lot more waste! An urban lifestyle is prone to waste generation as abundance of resources often leads to overconsumption and unsustainable processing of whatever is ‘thrown away’. Urban waste management is both a B2B as well as B2C industry - there are several companies that are selling their services of composting and waste collection products to other businesses, similarly there is an equal number of public and private bodies that focus on servicing individuals and households. It is up to you to decide which customers will you choose to service!

Design a business plan in the field of urban waste management.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Business model canvas
4Ps of marketing
Business pitch deck 

You will apply:
Customer research
Strategic planning

You will create:
A scalable and marketable business model and plan in the field of urban waste management

Expected Output
  1. Report on industry analysis
  2. Present your business idea and its success indicator
  3. Present the results of prototype testing
  4. Business Pitch
  5. Video of Self
Develop a business plan to solve the problem of urban waste management
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