Front-end Web Development

Design the complete UI/UX for a SaaS based company

Develop the user interface of a web application based on the design specification provided, employing front-end web technologies within the React framework.

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Director, Avetti Commerce


24 days


Provided by the Company after Review


Full-time Internship/Job after Certification

About this Menternship

In this menternship, you will have to design the website framework and develop the user interface for a SAAS based company, based on the design specification provided to you.

You will be required to use Front-end development technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and the React.js framework.

Avetti Commerce is an E-Commerce platform started in 2001, present in 7 countries. It enables SMEs and potential business owners to go online and to fulfil their digital transformation.
Avetti India is offering a great experience to their customers since the last 3 years and looking at full fledged growth in the near future.

On successful completion of this Menternship, you avail the opportunity to work wit Avetti Commerce as an Intern, and eventually as a full-time employee.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Web design frameworks such as Adobe XD & Marvelapp.
    2. Front-end development framework - React JS
    3. Overall perspective & skill framework of a Front-End web developer

Expected Output

  1. Wireframes : Uploaded to BehanceLink
  2. Complete design prototype on Adobe XD (or) MarvelAppLink
  3. Website link (Upload your website to a live server)Link
  4. Source Code (Zip Folder)Link
  5. DocumentationPdf

Design the complete UI/UX for a SaaS based company

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