Front-end Web Development
Design and Develop the Complete UI/UX of a Website for a Blockchain Based Company
Put your front-end web development skills to work, as you research, design and develop the User Interface for a blockchain use case of your choice.
About this menternship
In this Menternship, you will be working on the in-demand skill set of Front-End web development. On completion, you have the opportunity to be certified and selected by an International company working in the niche domain of blockchain.

Through the course of this Menternship, you will learn and execute the skills of research, web design and front-end web development.
You will be using tools such as Adobe XD and the Angular framework to complete your tasks and components.

auTEC is a Startup registered in London (UK), with a technical office in Hyderabad (India). At auTEC, they are developing a degree verification platform, where multiple different stakeholders such as universities and employers can verify student credentials in a mere 15 minutes.

auTEC is looking for driven students to join their team as UI/UX development interns and join them at their Hyderabad office.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
Web design frameworks such as Adobe XD & Marvelapp.
Front-end development framework - Angular JS
Overall perspective & skill framework of a Front-End web developer
Expected Output
  1. Website wireframes
  2. Website Prototype
  3. Final Source Code uploaded on a Code Repository
  4. Link to your Behance profile
  5. Link to your website
  6. Video of Self
Design and Develop the Complete UI/UX of a Website for a Blockchain Based Company
This menternship offers
People with experience in the industry of your choice ready to help you complete the challenges at hand.
Every challenge comes with a certificate on completion from both Mentormind and the company hosting the challenge.
Real life experience
Gain real-time work experience, online. Each challenge comes with resources to help bring the office to where you are.