Data Science
Design a Power BI dashboard for organic food products of Sresta - 24 Mantra
Build a live marketing dashboard for Sresta Organics 24 Mantra using the tools of Power BI
About this Menternship
Sresta Organics 24 Mantra is a category leader in organic food and staples. Their operations span over 7000 retail locations in the country and across all major e-commerce platforms. The have over 130 varieties of organic products that are marketed through various channels including social, partner and direct-to-customer marketing. At the heart of their brand messaging is their farm to fork approach - they work with 35000 farmers across 15 states to bring organic produce to customers at scale.

Power BI is an open-source data analytics and visualization tool that can be used by business teams across the world to gain real-time insights into their business. The biggest advantage of models built on Power BI are the fact that they can be built and used by anyone across the company with minimal training. The true challenge of creating an effective power BI dashboard is the ability to ask the right questions from the dataset and set up the visualizations which will present to the company - the most important metrics.

Use Power BI to create a marketing dashboard for a FMCG company

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Advanced Analytics
Power BI

You will apply:
Data wrangling
Data analysis and visualization
Insight generation

You will create:
A Power BI dashboard to track key marketing metrics of a FMCG company
Expected Output
  1. Report on Marketing KPIs to be captured on Power BI
  2. Report on business insights with Power BI visualizations
  3. Video of Self
Design a Power BI dashboard for organic food products of Sresta - 24 Mantra
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