Digital Marketing
Creating Digital Campaign Content for a Fashion Brand
Create 7-day Diwali Campaign Creatives for a fashion studio - 'ABC designs.'
About this menternship
W3Shastra is a brand communication agency focused on helping organizations increase their reach through tailored digital marketing solutions. The word Shastra means scripture, a written and codified exploration to find answers. At W3Shastra, we apply this principle to the online world, with our key tenets being a scientific approach to analysis and measurement, a customized approach to problem solving, and an iterative process to optimize results. Winning on the web is as much about how well you utilize your communication channels as it about the strength of your service. We help you drive business objectives with cross platform campaigns and powerful digital collateral. We aim to create the blueprint for your continued success, online. We are a digital marketing agency that believes in pursuing digital excellence and ensures your campaigns and collateral serve the business purpose they’re meant to.  
A fashion studio, 'ABC Designs', is running a 20% discount promotion on their entire collection for Diwali. The challenge is to create 7-day campaign creatives for the same. We need a series of 7 Facebook posts to promote this offer. 

The flow of the posts will be:
  1. An initial post about the offer saying 20% off on their entire collection
  2. A post targeted at Indian womenswear saying 20% off on the women's collection.
  3. A post targeted at Indian menswear saying 20% off on the men's collection.
  4. A post describing ABC Design's values with icons: Bespoke designs, hand picked fabrics, and on-time delivery.
  5. A testimonial post from a previous customer (You can use dummy text of one line).
  6. A post saying offer ends in 24 hours, hurry and buy.
  7. A post thanking all the customers for making the sale a success.

  • All the posts must include a simple logo you have designed for ABC Designs (this is a fictitious brand)
  • Posts must be 1000x1000 px
  • Colours and style/theme of your choice
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
1. The design and implementation of a digital marketing campaign.
2. Digital media aesthetics and design.
3. Current trends in social media marketing.
Expected Output
  1. Customer Segmentation Report: Analyse your target customer and submit your analysis
  2. 7 post campaign presentation: Submit a PPT of the 7 posts with accompanying concept explanation & relevance.
  3. Video of Self
Creating Digital Campaign Content for a Fashion Brand
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