Data Science
Create an interactive Excel dashboard to manage orders in a cloud kitchen
Design an interactive excel template to manage orders in a restaurant with the use of advanced Excel formulas
About this Menternship
Ram ki Bandi is a famous fast casual dosa restaurant chain in Hyderabad! It has been around since 1989 as a food cart frequented by clubbers in the wee hours of morning! Since then Ram ki Bandi has grown to be a large food chain with over six separate outlets in Hyderabad. The restaurant is famous for having no fixed menu - the food is customized as per the customer's desire. In the past few years, Ram ki Bandi has established a solid social media presence with over 5 million viewers on its content on various channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Cloud kitchens can receive subscription based orders as well as day-to-day orders etc. In this menternship, you will be challenged to picture excel dashboard needs to track sales, pending payments if any, quality of order processing and customer feedback. An excel dashboard is a low-tech, low-cost solution used by small businesses that want to leverage technology for tracking operations and sales data, but do not have the resources to invest in paid softwares or technically trained database management staff. An excel-based database management system is typically run by managers who are trained in basic Excel and then trained further, specially on the use of Excel database by the business analyst who designed the dashboard - in this menternship, that’s you!

Design an excel-based data management system for tracking key sales and service metrics in a small cloud kitchen 

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Advanced Analytics
MS Excel - Pivot, VLookup, IF condition, and Dashboard building
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

You will apply:
Database management 
Data visualization

You will create:
An excel-based database management system for a restaurant
Expected Output
  1. Present your vision for an excel-based DBMS for a cloud kitchen
  2. Excel-based database management system for a restaurant
  3. Training material of the Excel-based database management system for restaurant staff
  4. Video of Self
Create an interactive Excel dashboard to manage orders in a cloud kitchen
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