Create an Entrepreneurial Solution for a Local Socio Economic Problem
Do you want to make the world a better place? Start by solving one problem that affects thousands of people in your city - this menternship will show you how.
About this Menternship

The Center for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM) was launched 20 years ago as a training and incubation institute for aspiring changemakers in the country. CSIM pioneered social entrepreneurship training in India. The center prepares entrepreneurs to solve complex social issues like climate change, poverty, public health, women and child rights, human trafficking etc. The institute works in six centers across the country to facilitate capacity-building, networking and fundraising for social entrepreneurs.

Did you know that 13.74% of the population in Telangana lives below the poverty line? This means that 1million people in the state earn a livelihood of less than Rs900 per month. 10 years ago, this figure was double. Social change initiatives like microcredit schemes and self-help groups enabled rural entrepreneurship and helped a million people climb out of poverty. This is the potential of an entrepreneurial idea that aims to solve a social problem. The first step in discovering and implementing such ideas is understanding the problem. Through this menternship, you can investigate a socio-economic issue in your city and design a solution to eliminate it.

In this menternship, you will conduct problem analysis research and develop a business model canvas for a social enterprise. 
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Theory of Change
Social Development Goals of the UN

You will apply:
Research - Social entrepreneurship
Business planning
Presentation - business pitch

You will create:
Business model canvas for a social enterprise
Expected Output
  1. Survey analysis - Document your survey results & analysis in a report of not more than 5 pages
  2. Solution report - Provide a report of not more than 5 pages consisting of viable solutions for the problem you have surveyed. Keep in mind the realities of the area.
  3. Business solution (Business Model Canvas)
  4. Video of Self
Create an Entrepreneurial Solution for a Local Socio Economic Problem
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