Marketing Strategy
Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for a Feature Film with Pre & Post Release Campaigns
Research a feature film's target audience in detail before creating a compelling marketing strategy to ensure increased outreach before & after it's release.
Nain Reddy
Business Development Head, ARKA Mediaworks
About this Menternship
Remember Bahubali, the movie that took the entire country by a storm? This piece of art was produced by Arka Media Works, a leading name in motion picture production, television programming and syndication. Bahubali is just one of the many movies and TV shows the company produces. With the core objective of constantly pushing the boundaries of commercial cinema, they have made their mark in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Odiya industries. Arka Media Works does not shy away from exploring uncharted territories when it comes to the vision, scale and potential of a project.

The era of depending solely on boards and posters for film marketing is long past. With an increase in the number of movies being churned out, the cutthroat competition is unavoidable. The winner is not just based on how good a story or plot is, but to a large extent determined by marketing. With production houses having to constantly up their game with innovative marketing techniques, film marketing is a much sought after skill in the industry.

In this menternship, you are required to come up with a marketing strategy for an upcoming feature film.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Film marketing
Online and offline marketing strategies
Customer research

You will apply:
Integrated Marketing Comms
Marketing strategy

You will create:
Marketing strategy for a feature film with online and offline methods
Expected Output
  1. Research report on "The Sky is Pink"
  2. User Personas
  3. Online marketing strategy
  4. Offline marketing strategy
  5. Video of self
Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for a Feature Film with Pre & Post Release Campaigns
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