Create an effective budget model to track performance for a SAAS company
Analyse trends from the past financial performance of the company, along with the future expenses provided per department, to build a monthly budget model with relevant assumptions and future projections for 12 months
About this Menternship
Budget models are created when a business wants to assess its future performance with an ideal state that includes its estimates of sales, expenses & other related factors.

While creating the estimates and projections is an easy task for individual departments of the company, the key task of this process is to create an effective financial model that can both estimate the budget as well as allow for the tracking of the budget vs actuals in the future.

In this Menternship, you are required to build a budget model. You are required to go through the past sales of the company, and build out assumptions based on your analysis. Once this is done, you are provided with the budget estimations from individual departments of the company, which need to be factored into the budget model required.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. Financial analysis
  2. How to build a budget model
  3. Financial modelling to create budgets

Expected Output
  1. Analysis report on past financials
  2. Complete Budget Model
  3. Video of self
Create an effective budget model to track performance for a SAAS company
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